Caska-Rol Placer

caskarolThe Eaton Caska-Rol placer is simple and totally maintenance free. Placer consists of a set of three bars fabricated from heavy steel channel with a durable powder-coat epoxy finish, assuring you of years of trouble-free service. Each bar has two 10" rubber rollers to allow any size casket to roll smoothly without drag. One bar comes with a brake attachment to lock the casket into the desired position during the ceremony. The Caska-Rol Placer will fit on any device at settings from 31" to 41" distance between rails.

Three Simple Steps to Operate the Caska-Rol Placer:

  1. To set up — On any lowering device set at any width, lay the 3 Caska-Rol bars on the side rails. The brake bar should be in front. The 3 bars can be placed anywhere on the device, wherever they best suit your type of service.
  2. To use — The casket is placed on the front rollers, with the brake off, and then pushed along until it rests in the proper position on all three bars. Tighten the brake.
  3. To remove — At the conclusion of the service, tighten the straps of the device and while one end of the casket is raised up, remove two bars. Repeat procedure at other end removing last bar. Casket is then ready to be lowered.

Order Caska-Rol Placer

Caska-Rol Complete (43 lbs)

Qty: Price: $685.00 (Set)


Extra Bar

Qty: Price: $336.00 (Each)


Extra Brake Bar

Qty: Price: $348.00 (Each)


Rubber Cushion Block

Qty: Price: $2.25 (Each)


Rubber Roller

Qty: Price: $29.00 (Each)


Steel Dowel Pin

Qty: Price: $1.00 (Each)


Compression Spring

Qty: Price: $1.10 (Each)



Qty: Price: $0.50 (Each)


Brake Knob w/Set Screw

Qty: Price: $17.75 (Each)