Safety Chains and Straps

safety chainsSafety Chains

Attractive, cadmium-plated steel hooks and chain. Rubber covering on hooks prevent stretching of device. Each pair of chains comes in an attractive carrying pouch.

safety-strapsSafety Straps

Made from super-strong, 4-ply poly webbing and rubber-covered, cadmium -plated steel hooks, Eaton safety straps are an extra precaution against casket dropping.


Order Safety Chains & Straps

48" Safety Chains, 4.4 lbs.  

Qty: Price: $68.00 pair


60" Safety Chains, 5 lbs.  

Qty: Price: $75.80 pair


72" Safety Chains, 6 lbs.  

Qty: Price: $85.50 pair


48" Double Hook Safety Straps,
4 lbs.  

Qty: Price: $55.00 pair


64" Double Hook Safety Straps,
5 lbs.

Qty:  Price: $56.87 pair


84" Double Hook Safety Straps,
6 lbs.

Qty: Price: $60.50 pair


Special Length Double Hook
Safety Straps

Qty: Price: $13.75 foot